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We will come to your home and discuss colours, repairs, the space to be painted, timelines and costs. Optional services include drywall repair, wallpaper removal and window caulking.
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Residential, Condo and Custom Home Painting Service" title="Residential, Condo and Custom Home Painting Service

Residential, Condo and Custom Home Painting

All work is done by trained, experienced professionals who have had backchecks. We use quality paint and provide quality workmanship. Our work is 100% guaranteed – if you’re not happy, we’ll fix it!

About Us

At Nashco Painting we take pride in every stroke of our paint brush. Our experts specialize in custom homes, residential painting and condo painting. What sets us apart is our attention to detail and perfectionism on every job big or small.

At Nashco, painting is our business – small and large, residential, condo, custom home, and interior and exterior, we do it all. We’ve been painting in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area for over 10 years. Featuring unmatched painting expertise and a level of customer service that never fails to impress our clients, we’ve grown from a small business to one of Toronto’s most well-known names in the painting industry.

As our wide range of completed painting projects would suggest, our customers come from every sector of the city and chances are high that someone you know has hired us in the past. The reason why we attract so many different types of clients is our varied service listing, which includes the following options: interior home painting, exterior home painting, condo painting, custom home painting and repairing drywall and plaster.

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Did you know that there are paints for walls, paints for ceilings, paints for outdoors, paints for floors, and paints for more?

Let us help you navigate choosing the right paint for the right project.
Nashco takes great pride in our work. We never rush a job, we never skip steps. We are quality, custom painters who do a thorough job with expertise. Nashco is recognized as a leader in custom painting in Toronto and the GTA.

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Do we paint commercial properties?

No. Why? Because most commercial painting is sloppy and fast. We prefer to deal with homeowners, condo owners and renters who love a beautifully maintained home. We know you give your home a lot of attention and care – we will respect that and provide careful service.

Do we paint exteriors?

Yes! We can climb the ladders, build the scaffolding, power wash the brick, and caulk the windows as needed. We’ll advise you on the best paint to use on the material you have. And just as in the interior, we’ll leave your exterior clean and tidy when we’re done.

Our painters are knowledgeable and have worked with stucco, brick, wood, siding, etc. We can also paint your railings, fascia, eavestroughs, garage doors and garbage cans!

No job is too big or too small! We can paint the entire interior and exterior of your home, or update the Nursery for an expected arrival. We can cover the cement floor in the basement, or carefully freshen up the most ornate heritage ceiling.

Residential Painting and condo painting Toronto" title="Residential Painting and condo painting Toronto

Booked a date? Here’s what to do before we arrive!

  • Move out/cover furniture (as discussed during the consultation)

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  • Take pictures and posters off the walls

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  • Remove valuables from the room for safety

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Locally owned and operated for 8 years! Our clients refer us to their friends – word of mouth is how our company continues to grow.

  • I am SO happy with my beautiful home, the finished product is amazing! This would not have been possible without the hard work and commitment from Nashco Painting! Nash is a man of his word, he followed through on everything he said, he’s trustworthy and great prices. I will be telling my friends and neighbors all about you! Thanks againNicole Rodrigues
  • I have recently used Nashco Painting and couldn’t be happier! Their attention to detail and professionalism were top notch! We had 4 rooms painted in our house. I would recommend their services 100% Thank you Nashco Painting! Ann-Marie Forbes

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